How To Promote Your Online Store In 2020

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How To Promote Your Online Store In 2020Any online store operates in a highly competitive environment. It is impossible to be on the first positions everywhere and on all inquiries, especially considering a time factor and the constantly changing competitive environment.However, you can and should win over competitors, and for this, you need to make constant efforts. Some tips for preparing to promote a new online store site for fast traffic growth you can find in this article.

Get to Know Your Competitors’ Strategy

Since a new online retailer is almost always introduced to an already established market, studying the competitive environment and promotion strategies of similar online retailers is the most important element in increasing your own traffic.

Semantic Core Analysis

Analyzing the semantic core of competitors in connection with the study of search intentions of users is an important condition for successful site promotion. The more custom queries covered by content and metadata SEO, the more traffic your site will receive overtime.Analysis of the semantic core of competitors allows us to achieve 2 goals: Get traffic for queries that are not in the core of the target site; Expand the range of products of interest to users. Use Analytical services that allow you to solve these problems quickly and accurately.

Analysis of traffic channels

Each website is unique like a living organism. The final result is determined by numerous factors, including the professionalism of the SEO team, the chosen promotion strategy, the perception of the site by search engines and more.Competitors can receive dominant traffic from various sources:
  • From search engines;
  • Backlinks; Social Media;
  • Email marketing;
  • Directly by entering the address in the browser bar.
The scarcity of any of the groups of traffic sources can be used to increase website traffic, which is vital for each new online store. Website Structure Analysis The question of the structure of the site should be divided into 2 components: UX (User-friendliness); Perception by search algorithms.For an online store, it’s highly relevant, as a wide range of products in itself creates a navigation problem, confusing the user with unnecessary offers and preventing him from making a purchase decision.The second aspect is more important for the initial website promotion. Properly structured, as well as the correct distribution of key phrases within the pages allows you to get a more loyal attitude of search engines.

Thematic and technical optimization

When we talk about content and its quality, we mean user optimization. Technical optimization is a purely SEO strategy focused on search engines.


The user must find comprehensive and clear information about the product. It includes:
  • good quality images, preferably in several angles;
  • full characteristics of the goods corresponding to the real ones;
  • price and discounts; order button; contact phone, call back, chatbot;
  • information about the seller;
  • guarantees and conditions of return.
An important part of the content of the online store is the feedback of real people about the purchased goods. They give the store credibility, in addition, perform the function of social media, immersing the buyer in the environment of living people who shop online.

SEO optimization

In addition to working with search queries and the semantic core, which is the basis for any site, you should pay attention to some features of SEO-optimization of online stores:
  • unique texts on the main page, as well as on the pages of product categories;
  • the opportunity for buyers to leave comments on the page of each product; use of unique images of goods;
  • internal relinking: for other goods in the category, promotional goods, purchased themselves, etc .;
  • unique metadata for each page.
It is important to note that the online store must have up-to-date content. In addition to the main page and customer reviews, it can be a news feed, blog, cards with new products, information articles.


Thus, to promote a new online store and rapid traffic growth it is necessary: Analyze the competitive environment: coverage of search queries, features of incoming traffic. Properly build a site that should be user-friendly and relevant to search engines. Pay attention to the quality of content. Optimize pages for search engines. Encourage users to visit the store and make purchases in it. We must not forget that the Internet environment is very dynamic.It is possible to bypass competitors, even a new resource. But it is more important to maintain the tendency to develop: then the positions will remain intact.

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