How To Build a 100% Valid Lead List. Best Practises & Tools 2020

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Email Marketing is not dead. Not even close to it.

According to research, every dollar spent on email marketing generates $ 32 in revenue. This is what it means to be able to communicate correctly by email.

There is a formula by which almost everyone, even a very small startup, can create the right newsletter. There are plenty of stories around the world about small businesses that have grown thanks to smart email marketing.

How and where to find email addresses?

There are a few verified ways to create a mailing list. There are dozens of apps and even add-ons built into the browser to help you.

RevDriver – one of the popular apps with a handy Chrome extension that lets you quickly make a search.

Rev Driver – one more good app, also with a Chrome extension.

You can use any of them. The only problem is that they do not guarantee a 100% result and accuracy since they only search among publicly available addresses. Therefore, if you are looking for someone with a common name, you may have to revisit the long list of search results.


The platform has more than 300 million active users, and it is also convenient to collect email addresses here.

First, you need to completely optimize your LinkedIn profile: fill in each line so that your profile becomes a conversion extension of your brand. Imagine it as a landing page (one-page site – ed.). How to convert a visitor to your page into a potential customer? Showcase all your capabilities in your profile and show that you are a production leader or an authoritative expert in the field.

After that, start active – write posts and communicate with other people. Now you can use the tools to extract addresses from the network you built.

Facebook Groups

There are huge deposits of data hidden in Facebook groups for segmented mailings: the users of these groups already have an interest in the topic. If you are looking for mailing lists from your competitors, go to their Facebook groups. This process can be automated using apps like Mailbiz.

Newsletter subscription forms

If your site does not have a subscription button for the newsletter, this is an unforgivable oversight. It can help you in gathering contact information for any email marketing campaign. There is another plus: you know that these people want to know more about your services, they are really interested in what you have to offer them.

You can give them a choice of whether to subscribe to a newsletter, product information updates, or email notifications of new content. There are several ways to create a subscription form.

It is better to place the form directly on the home page. It will be the first thing that visitors see.

Why do you need to check collected addresses?

Before proceeding with segmentation or anything else, you need to verify the authenticity of the addresses. Sometimes people leave fake addresses, make typos, or the mailbox becomes inactive over time. If you send a letter to such addresses, you will receive a so-called “hard bounce” (if the recipient’s address does not exist).

For reference: “soft bounce” – a letter that does not reach the recipient, because his mailbox is full.
To prevent this from happening, use an email verification app to clear lists of inactive or nonexistent addresses. Repeat the procedure regularly, once a month or two. This way you will always have a clean lead list, and your ESP will not flag you as a spammer.

In the subject line of an email or newsletter, write something that will not resemble spam (phrases like “free trial”, for example). The more emails the provider marks as spam, the more the reputation of your mailbox will suffer. But if you still have to use such phrases, then do it only in correspondence with those addressees with whom you have already contacted.

If your emails do end up in inboxes, you must make them to be valuable to your recipients. If they are annoyed with them, it is possible that someone will mark the email as spam and you will have problems. This will badly affect the reputation of your mailbox.

Segmentation of mailing lists

In order for emails to “hook” your potential customers, you need to personalize them. It’s not enough just to address the user by name at the beginning of the letter. Each letter should address a specific person and their place in the purchase chain.

Even B2B marketers recommend strategies such as ABM (Key Profile Targeting Strategy). It allows you to divide future customers into different personas of buyers. For example, you can’t send the same text to techies and non-techies, or use the same call to action for both groups.

You can segment lists in different ways:

  • Industry and Decision Making Role – Different types of content that appeal to different sectors and positions.
  • Geographic location – content depending on the country where the buyer is located. We found that you can simply change the photo on one of the landing pages depending on the geographic location of the client – and it works.
  • If you have sent a person a letter before, send him another letter, different from the first.

There are many more ways, but it is important for you to understand your audience. You can’t send the same content to everyone, people want to feel special.

CRM system linked to email

Throw the cleaned list into the CRM system and start planning your campaign. For making sure that everything will go smoothly you need a strategy.

For example, what happens if you send a letter won’t get the reply? What can you do in this case: immediately send him another letter or wait a few days?

Plan your email flows carefully, make sure they are consistent, authentical, and not interrupting communication with the client. CRM platforms allow you to automate campaigns, so you don’t have to waste time and money on monotonous, repetitive actions.

Track email statistics in the CRM system. This will help you know how effective a particular campaign is and can test different types of content.

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